Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Shampooches by holly, please take a moment to read our terms and conditions to help us run a safe, friendly and stress-free environment. 

24-hour cancellation notice– Additional charges for no shows or late cancellations may occur and you may be asked for advance payment for future grooms. 

Stick to appointment time– I work on a one to one basis which helps me provide a premium grooming experience, ensuring your pet is given 100% attention throughout, however this only works if clients keep to their time slots. 

Matts– Your dog’s health and welfare is always my priority and I will never cause them any pain which de matting involves or break the law as de-matting is against the Animal Welfare Act 2007. All matts will be clipped/scissor out and any sores, cuts or injuries caused is at owners’ liability. Owners will have to sign a de-matting contract and additional charges may occur. 

Anal Glands and Ear plucking– Both procedures are only preformed upon owners request and risk. Owners must sign a liability agreement beforehand. 

Fleas– Please check, treat and ensure your dogs are flea free before entering the studio to prevent any risk of spreading to other dogs. Extra charges for fleas may occur if they are found during the groom. 

Pets & the toilet– Although I appreciate accidents do happen please try and get your dogs to go to the toilet before entering the studio to avoid cross contamination. 

Aggressive Dogs– While I have a great deal of experience and success with aggressive and nervous dogs, I reserve the right to abandon the groom at any point if I become at risk or your dog becomes to stressed. The price of the full groom may still be charged. I ask you please inform me of any aggression or nervousness pre groom so extra time can be allocated. 

Late Arrivals– I reserve the right to turn away if 15 + minutes late and the groom charge may still be applied. 

Photographs– Photos are taken before, during and after for not only my files but social media. Although most clients enjoy seeing their pets groom photos if you don’t please let me know beforehand. 

Nail clips– Bleeds of nail quicks are never done on purpose but can happen and will be treated. You will also be informed if this happens. 

Abusive behaviour– Any abusive behaviour towards me, any other site members or visitors will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave and banned from coming back. 

Pet Health– Please advise me on all known medical and temperament conditions. Sick/elderly/pregnant/sedated dogs are only accepted at owners risk. As you can imagine groomers may discover underlying issues and a vet sought, unless the vet clearly shows I’m liable all costs are at owners expense. 

Uncollected Pets– If not prearranged dogs left more than 30 minutes after collection time given will occur a £10 hourly rate. Dogs not collected after 7pm will be placed in local boarding at the owners expense on top of the groom price. Dogs not collected after 24 hours will be considered abandoned and a local rescue will be called. 

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